World class healthcare at Olive Multispecialist Hospitals
The Hospital

Olive Multi-specialist Hospitals was founded in order to pioneer advanced medical and surgical solutions in Nigeria and West Africa and to bring high quality first world specialized healthcare closer to homes and communities.

Our Vision

To pioneer advanced medical and surgical solutions in Nigeria and West Africa, and to bring high quality, first world specialist healthcare closer to homes and communities.

Our Mission

To offer comprehensive medical, surgical, renal, pediatric, occupational, and physical therapies through strategic partnerships that utilize advanced interventional techniques.

Our Values

  • Openness: We Say it as it is. We recognize the right of every patient and family member to participate in all aspects of care and to receive support and accurate information about benefits, risks, and alternatives to a wide range of care therapies.
  • Loving Care: We promote empathy and compassion. We accept that modern healthcare needs to be tailor made to fit the unique needs and requirements of our clients. We treat those we serve and each other with empathy and compassion, and strive to better understand and respond to the needs of a diverse community.
  • Integrity: We always pursue the best.At the Olive Multi-specialist Hospitals, we value our integrity. This means that we shall offer our clients nothing but the best technology and best practices in providing the highest-quality care to patients and families. We are therefore committed to continuous quality improvement, a high level of professionalism and cutting edge technology in all that we do.
  • Versatility: We dedicate ourselves to change. We believe that the only constant factor in our environment is Change. We are therefore fully dedicated and committed to constantly re-inventing our services and business processes to fit the ever changing needs and requirements of all our patients.
  • Excellence: At the Olive Multi-specialist Hospitals, we operate by established international standards of performance management.

Our Objectives

  • To effect a technology transfer through strategic international partnerships in the area of advanced medical, surgical and rehabilitative therapies.
  • To provide our customers access to international specialists and physicians through on-site and Tele-health services.
  • To provide our clients with the best value for service.
  • To pursue excellence in all that we do.
  • To be the industry leaders in advanced renal medicine, rheumatology, interventional cardiology, Addiction management, physical and mental rehabilitation programs, and obesity management therapies.
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